What I Stand For in GE 2016

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I am an Independent Candidate in the upcoming General Election who believes in:

  • Standing Up for Integrity, Life Equality & Protecting the Eight Amendment

  • Supporting The Family, Fathers, Mothers & Their Children

  • Building an Economy that Serves the People through Local Industry e.g. Tourism, Agribusiness, Enterprise & Co-Operatives 

  • Resourcing Vital Public Services e.g. Health, Education and An Garda Síochána

  • Advocating for Older People and People with Mental, Physical and/or Intellectual Disabilities

  • Enabling People to Live Happy and Fulfilled Lives

  • Assisting the Self-Employed, Small Businesses and The Farming Community

  • Abolishing Unjust Taxes e.g. the Property Tax, Universal Social Charge and Water Charges

  • Putting the Heart Back into Kerry’s Rural Parish Communities e.g. GP services, Garda Stations, Post Offices, Improved Roads & Infrastructure, Sporting and Cultural Events

  • Working to End the Legacy of Forced Emigration

KMan Labours Priorities (1).jpg
Letter Printed in The Kerryman 6th January 2016



The Year For Independents

2016 The Year of The Rising Independents


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